Official Announcement

Introducing Small Multiples

Hello, just a quick note here to announce the opening of our new worker-owned cooperative. We’re called Small Multiples and we focus on graphic design and web development in support of social and economic justice.

At the time of writing, there are two of us. Rocket Lee is a web developer and user experience designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area who worked for seven years at Quilted prior to co-founding Small Multiples; they also worked briefly at Mirabot Technology Cooperative. Alexander Hage is a graphic designer based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities who worked previously at Golden Arrows, an art and design cooperative based in Boston and Philadelphia. Through Quilted and Golden Arrows, we collaborated closely for more than seven years. When both disbanded in early 2015, we decided it was the perfect time to start a new worker-cooperative that built on everything we’d learned so far and to create space for innovative and reimagined practices.

Our Work So Far

Since our start at the beginning of April, we’ve been busy working with clients in Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, and Oakland.

The Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance asked us to design a new logo incorporating the concepts of unity, solidarity, and cross-sector collaboration, which resulted in a graphic mark with our own illustration of twin pines, the traditional symbol of cooperatives.
We worked closely with Community Labor United (whose logo we designed years ago) to lay out and print their report on wage theft and subcontracting in greater Boston and Massachusetts.
In collaboration with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, we designed and illustrated a 50-page toolkit that offers lessons for riding with youth in the city, features “bicycle rodeo” activities and announces Indego, Philadelphia’s bike share program.
O2AA Logo Concept
We concepted a logo for O2 Artisans Aggregate, a multi-disciplinary space in Oakland that involves sustainable lumber milling, architecture, ceramics, and aquaponics.
Work With Us

At this young point in our company, we’re actively looking for clients, partners, and collaborators. Please let us know if you have any work that might be a good fit with us, or if there’s anyone you could spread the word to. You just might be someone who could help us get our business off to a phenomenal beginning.

What does Small Multiples mean? In words: “A small multiple is a series of similar graphs or charts using the same scale + axes, allowing them to be easily compared. It uses multiple views to show different partitions of a dataset. The term was popularized by Edward Tufte.” Or in pictures.